I’m Gareth Richards and thanks for visiting my site.

I’m an audiobook narrator and producer of audio content.

You can use the Audiobooks link to find details of some of my audiobook work, or click on Podcasts to listen to some of the other audio content I produce.

Or of course, if you want to quickly find some voice samples, look no further than the below.

Except from “Shopping Lists” (Horror Anthology)


Excerpt from the “Venus” Planetary Anthology (Science Fiction) 


Excerpt from The Stone of Earth and Air


Also Some Review Quotes

“The narrator did a great job – providing different voices for multiple characters which were distinct. I felt his enthusiasm for the book – especially with Spicy and his trials.””

“The narrator was also an excellent choice for the book. His style fit the genre and he gave a great performance. As an avid fan of fantasy/sci fi novels, I really appreciate it when the narration is good, but not overbearing enough to distract from the story.”

“Gareth Richards does a really nice job with this book. As with any epic fantasy there is always a lot to confuse the reader – but Richards is able to keep the reader interested and not confused.”

“The narration was really good! I had no trouble identifying the various characters and the kadence was comfortable! The tone of voice was very nice too.”