In collaboration with “Unbound Theater” I’ve created a number of podcasts. Not only do they have some fantastic actors but a really good pool of writers, directors and editors.

The Unbound Sketchbook

The first thing we did as Unbound Sketchbook was create a live comedy sketch show in 2016 at the Limelight Theatre in Aylesbury England. We’re now starting work on our fifth live show and each live show gives birth to a series of podcasts featuring recorded and edited versions of some of the best sketches from the shows.

Check them out by following the link.

Inspector Murder Inspects 

From small acorns great oaks may grow and from a simple series of recurring sketches within The Unbound Sketchbook was born the character Inspector Murder. It’s now turned into a fully fledged series of 6 half hour episodes recorded in front of a live audience at the Limelight Theatre. Episodes 1-3 are already edited and available on the above link. 4-6 are recorded and coming soon!

Everything Wrong with Politics

I love Improv, I always have an I always will. After an Unbound Theatre brainstorming session of trying to figure out how we can perform live Improv but also have something recorded for our podcasts the format of “Everything wrong with Politics” was devised. 2 parties named by the audience compete in a series of politically inspired improvised games to the delight of the audience. Only 1 episode at the moment but episode 2 is being edited and I’m sure more episodes will be recorded soon.