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Gerhard Gerkhe

I’ve narrated 3 of Gerhard’s “Goblin Reign” series and 2 of his “Fallen Rogues” series and loved all of them, with very strong world building and great characters Gerhard’s book are definately worth a listen.

Goblin – Goblin Reign Book1

Goblin Apprentice – Goblin Reign Book 2

Goblin Rogue – Gobline Reign Book 3

Midnight Monster Club – Fallen Rogues Book 1

The Dragon and Rose – Fallen Rogues Book 2

Review Quotes:

“Gareth Richards voice entices you into this almost swash buckling story and will keep you riveted till the last page”

“Narration was well done, sound quality was high. I felt closer to the characters because of the narration, which is always a great thing!”

“The narrator did a great job – providing different voices for multiple characters which were distinct. I felt his enthusiasm for the book – especially with Spicy and his trials.”

Ted Lazaris

I’ve only narrated one book by Ted Lazaris but it was a pleasure to work with him as an author.

DragonMan – The Awakening – Narrated as Gareth Johnson

DragonMan: The Awakening – UK Link

DragonMan: The Awakening – US Link

A great book by Ted Lazaris, part of the Dragon Man Series that Ted has done but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone book. The book starts with a shaman “Alo” having visions of a terrifying threat to the world being born thousands of years ago, then the action moves to cryptozoologist Brad investigating the threat.

The beginning few chapters and the bits with Abaddon were definately my favorite parts but the whole thing was just very well written.

Review Quotes

“This audible somewhat reminds me of the movie Phantoms by author Dean R Koontz. I actually enjoyed the introduction and the “phantom” voice. It hooked me immediately and have enjoyed it throughout. Narrator did a very well done. Different accent, I will give you that, but it worked great!

This was well written: plot was thought out, story line was equally well-done, each character given unique characteristics, and it kept me listening, trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

If you are looking for an audible that is not only entertaining, enjoyable, and thrilling, I recommend this! !


I love the books by S.M.Torres, yes they are short but they really capture the essence of short well written well observed comedy, I’ve done three of her books and would love to do any others she releases for audiobooks in the future.

The Very Hungry Honey Badger – Narrated as Gareth Johnson

The Very Hungry Honey Badger – UK Link

The Very Hungry Honey Badger – US Link

If you’re interested in a quick listen of something that’s just fun and a bit silly then this is definitely the book for you, for the price of a cup of coffee (From Starbucks or somewhere) you could by 8 minutes of hilarious listening..

Review Quotes

“I LMAO through this entire listen! This parody of a children’s book was hilarious. perfect for a quick laugh. The narrator did a superb job acting out the characters. I just wish I could give it 6 stars. ”

The Horrible Life Lessons Tree – A Paraody of Parenting gone wrong – Narrated as Gareth Johnson

The Horrible Life Lessons Tree – UK Link

The Horrible Life Lesson Tree – US Link

A Cautionary tale of over indulgent parenting, told through the medium of a tree!! 

99 Signs you are not in the 1% – Narrated as Gareth Johnson

99 Signs you are not in the 1% – UK Link

99 Signs you are not in the 1% – US Link

This was the first book I narrated where I really thought, yes! This fits my voice so well and I love narrating it! It’s very well written comedy with some great tongue in cheek observations.

Dale Stubbart

Dale really does have a unique writing style and I don’t think his books will be for everyone but there is no denying that he has a fascinating mind that comes up with beautiful worlds and interesting ideas.

James Lawless

James Lawless has a sublime use of language which really allowed me to enjoy the process of narrating.

Olivia Myers

I’ve now done two books for Olivia and am keeping an eye on any new ones she publishes, before narrating these I knew little of the “paranormal romance” genre but now at least I know her work is good and fun to narrate.

Matthew Cash

I’ve only done the one book for Matthew but it was a really interesting premise and allowed for some nice narrating using the first person perspective but for someone in a really unique situation.