The Unbound Sketchbook

I’ve been involved with The Unbound sketchbook since the beginning and am proud to edit, act in and partially write their podcast. I cannot thank my fellow actors and writers enough for being part of such a wonderful project.

Unbound Sketchbook Episode 1

The first ever episode of Unbound Sketchbook where it all started, including a washing powder that *Really* washes whiter than white, and the coffee shop where they serve the coffee in a proper copper Coffee Pot.

Unbound Sketchbook Episode 2

The inter-sketch links in this episode were provided by the rather wonderful Erica Sanderson and Patrick Cline and the sketches themselves feature the first sketch from “the slightly deadly adventures of Mark and Geoff”.

Unbound Sketchbook Episode 3

The Saga of Mark and Geoff Continues, Professor Chaos gets a new temp and we finally get to see the epic battle between farmers and pirates to settle once and for all who owns “the accent”. Special Thanks to Hannah Rogers for helping out with the links in this one.

Unbound Sketchbook Episode 4

Join in the fun as ordinary members of the public compete to win fantastic prizes like adequate schools for their children and appropriate hospital care in the brand new quiz show The Postcode Lottery, plus check out what fun Immanuel Kant gets up to at dinner parties.

Unbound Sketchbook Episode 5

Inspector Murder and Luc Vercluse battle their deadlinest (or at least most annoying) for yet, the narrator, plus experience the mildly thrilling conclusion of The Slightly Deadly Adventures of Marc and Geoff.

Unbound Sketchbook Episode 6

Eavesdrop on a meeting of the fairy council, plus find out what happens when all the guardian angels are busy and a mortal gets to meet their stand-in guardian demon.

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