Inspector Murder Inspects

In our first Sitcom the Unbound Sketchbook team invite you to experience the adventures of London’s second most successful consulting detective………Inspector murder.

Join Inspector murder as he and his faithful sidekick Luc Vercluse almost solve crimes, nearly thwart villains and try to keep control of their crazy welsh housekeeper Constance Urveillance.

Episode 1 – A Missing Person

Can Inspector Murder and Laura Norder get a straight answer out of Mrs La Point regarding the almost certainly deadly disappearance of her beloved Arthur and will Luc Vercluse get a chance to test out his new invention……..a steam powered……chicken!

Episode 2 – A Threatening Letter

When Freddie Beresford turns up at the detective agency explaining he’s been receiving threatening letters it’s up to Inspector Murder to find the culprit and thwart them, even if he does have to fight them on top of a speeding train…..not that he would need to fight them on top of a speeding train……but man that would be something wouldn’t it.

Episode 3 – A Robbery

Lady Carrington’s priceless tiara has been stolen and only Inspector Murder can help, a shifty butler, a pompous son and a strange clockwork contraption in a drawer later and the plot thickens.